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Bold what's true.

i’ve been so drunk i had to have someone carry me home.
i’ve blacked out, and the only memory i had of the night before was from what people i was with told me.
i’m guilty of drunk texting and drunk dialing.
i have a collection of bottles of what i’ve drank on my own or with friends.
my parents are fine with me drinking now.
i’ve been caught coming home drunk on more than one occasion.
my friends come to my house when we're planning on getting fucked up.
i tend to like going on “adventures” when i’m drunk.
i’ve been drunk while at school before.
people have told me that they love me drunk.
people who haven’t seen me drunk before have said they’d wanna see what i’m like.
i’m my polar opposite sober when i’m intoxicated.
i’ve had sex while under the influence, and it was damn good ; )
i hate how after drinking all night i can’t sleep for shit afterwards and wake up so early.
i’ve experienced a really bad hang over. that shit blows.
i get very sexual when i'm drunk.
alcohol is a heavy dose of truth serum to me.
i won’t drink with people who i don’t trust, no exceptions made.
i don’t really know my limit to drinking well.
i tend to keep drinking till i feel it, instead of letting it sink in.
i’ve been so drunk that i couldn’t walk more than a few steps without falling over.
Quite a few people have seen me completely shitfaced, acting stupid.
i’ve introduced more than one of my friends to drinking.
i usually only drink with my best friend.
i become really flushed in the face when i start drinking.
i wish that alcohol tasted like soda or something, so it was easier to drink.
when i buy alcohol i try to buy in bulk.
i’ve smoked weed, for some time i did it on the regular, but now i don’t.
i’ve thrown up from drinking way too much before.
i’ve passed out somewhere in public before.
i’ve almost had someone call the cops on me and a friend when we were wasted.
anything that i do drunk i seriously would never do sober.
i’ve met someone while being wasted, and then never saw them again after that night.
i've been in an almost bad situation while being out drunk.
i’ve drank with my parents before.
i’ve drank a bottle of alcohol and had to fill it back to where it was with water cause it wasn’t mine to drink.
i’ve bought weed before.
i’ve sold weed to someone before.
there are a shitton of alcoholics in my family.
i like the feeling of having a good buzz going on.
one of my friends has basically seen me naked after being drunk with me one night.
i absolutely hate when people are in bad moods when i’m drinking trying to have a good time.
i’ve never gone to a party, but i actually wanna try it.
i’m starting to kind of build a higher tolerance.
i’ve drank a bottle goose, and been reaaal fucked up afterwards.
i’m kind of really loud drunk.
i’ve come to realize real quick it sucks when your not as drunk as other people your drinking with.
i love summertime, because it’s better times for drunken nights.




22.1.10 19:17

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(22.1.10 22:52)
du und der alkohol..

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