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how to disappear completely.

"this isn't happening."



18.1.10 10:51


Endlich hab ich Gewissheit. Dank einer professionellen Studie durch seriöse Nano-Technologie (iPhone sei Dank..) wurde nun die Qualität meiner philematologischen Kompetenz ermittelt.

Red Hot!
On a scale of 1 to 10, you're an 11.
Try to be gentle with beginners.


15.1.10 20:23

10.1.10 12:54


ich werde sagen, dass es mir leid tut und ich werde sagen, dass es schon okay ist. in beiden fällen werde ich lügen und in beiden fällen wirst du mir glauben.
9.1.10 23:31

and again.




9.1.10 16:50





9.1.10 02:33


6.1.10 18:58

Bold what's true.

I tend to people watch a lot.
i say haha instead of saying lol most of the time.

i’m actually really good at picking out cards at the store for whatever occasion.
I’ve seen someone i found really cute today:]
I like animal prints, some floral prints, and plaid a lot.
a lot of my winter coats have a fur rimmed hood to them.
when i hear people laughing around me i get nervous and think they’re laughing about me.
if there’s a comment made to me that could be taken the wrong way i usually take it to sound negative.
i take things really personally.
i misinterpret text messages a lot.

i haven’t taken photos in a photobooth in a really long time.
i’ve never personally done online shopping before.
it’s been hella windy here where i live.
In my state theres a beach that’s pretty well known to surrounding states and such.
i love to watch a good storm.
i think it’s hilarious when owners dress there animals in clothes.
i still dress up for halloween, i don’t care what you say i’m not to old for it till i’m out of my teen years!
when i’m at the mall it annoys me to no end when it gets really crowded in just certain spots.
i wish i was someone who had good organization skills, sadly i’m not.
i still use my fingers when counting.
i also have to sound out words to spell sometimes.
i’m pretty good at making myself laugh:]
i think outloud to myself more than i probably should.
i dislike everything about starbucks.
one of my nervous habits is i won’t be able to sit still.
i’m still trying to figure out what i want to go to college for.
i’m also starting to think about places where i wanna apply for a job.
i hate the feeling when your hands start aching from the cold.
for my next birthday all i plan on asking for is money.
i’ll walk around a store and read the magazine cause i won’t buy them.
my familys couch is the worst thing to try and sleep on.
i will hang up on the person i’m talking to if they annoy or piss me off.
i won’t usually leave a voicemail. your phone will tell you i called so you can call me back for the convo.
sometimes i’ll start telling someone something but then i’ll stop because i get too scared.
i’m constantly forgetting where i put things.
i use the 5 [sometimes more] second rule if i drop food on some surfaces.
i still use nose goes.
i still eat mcdonalds even though i know it’s bad for me.
lately i’ve been having a hard time talking right.
i can be really short-fused when people make a point out of being difficult.
my cellphone has a full keyboard.
i’ve broken something out of anger before.
I’ve made someone i was close to cry, and didn’t care in that moment because i was too mad.
when using public bathrooms i squat..i sure as hell ain’t going to touch the toilet seat.
i keep my empty alcohol bottles.
i’ve introduced someone to drinking.
i actually like my handwriting a lot.
i either write in pen or mechanical pencil, nothing else.
i absolutely suck at taking notes, so i just write everything down in case.
i’m not that person who puts albums upon albums of myself at a party on facebook.
i really don’t like when time flies by only when you really don’t want it too.
4.1.10 22:09

"Es ist ein Mädchen!"

.. denn sie hat eine Handtasche. OMG.


3.1.10 20:10


1.) Greife das Buch, welches Dir am nächsten ist, schlage Seite 18 auf und zitiere Zeile 3 und 4.
"jene/r/s (Gegenstände dort drüben, sowohl vom Sprecher als auch vom Gesprächspartner entfert)"

2.) Strecke Deinen linken Arm so weit wie möglich aus. Was hältst du in der Hand?
Mein Portemonnaie. Geld, wo bist du hin?

3.) Was hast Du als letztes im Fernsehen gesehen?

4.) Mit Ausnahme des Computers, was kannst du gerade hören?
Ein Gespräch, einen Podcast.

5.) Wann hast Du den letzten Schritt nach draußen getan?
Gegen Viertel nach eins nachts. Aus dem Auto raus zur Tür.

6.) Was hast Du gerade getan, bevor Du diesen Fragebogen begonnen hast?
Musik gehört, mich gefragt, ob das hier jemanden interessiert, die Frage mit "nein" beantwortet, das trotzdem kopiert.

7.) Was hast Du gerade an?
Jeans, Haussocken, Pullover.

8.) Wann hast Du zum letzten Mal gelacht?

Letzte Nacht.

9.) Wann hast Du zum letzten Mal geweint?

Weiß ich grad nicht.

10.) Was war der letzte Film, den Du gesehen hast?
"Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei".

11.) Das Schönste, was Dir jemand heute gesagt hat?

12.) Sag mir etwas über Dich, was ich noch nicht wusste.
Ich habe grad Hunger, aber keinen Appetit. Oder andersrum.
3.1.10 17:39

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