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Bold what's true.

Things I love:

texting; sunshine; sundresses; flowers; floral prints; the french language; england; harry potter; teapots; books; leather jackets; tattoos; boots; high-heels; pretty lyrics; sunglasses; chocolate chip cookies; snow; the beach at night; warm summer nights; sweatshirts; t-shirts; dinosaurs; stand-up comedy; movies; showers; rain; sunshowers; turtles; kittens; long necklaces; baseball; well-dressed boys; mythology; piano; art history; the natural history museum; washington, dc; cars; whiskey; history; invisible children; sincerity; genuine kindness; hugs; dancing; lil wayne; rap; true blood; vampires; werewolves; butterflies; sneaking candy into the movies; celebrities who truly appreciate their fans; seeing people who are really in love; disney; documentaries; reality television; presents; riding shotgun; pizza; going to the movies; tennis; thunderstorms

Things I dislike:

zombies; people who hand out fliers on the streets; hot days; sunburn; people who can’t appreciate what they have; people who don’t know how to drive; ignorance; movie prices; spiders; horses; hiking; boys who hit girls; people who think they’re better than you just because; cleaning; cooking; when someone can’t take a joke; football; rudeness; people who cheat on their partners; nightmares

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